School Holiday: Relief for Students as Schools Close Early Due to Extreme Heat, Reopening in July

Sadik Shaikh
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School Holiday India: After Haryana and Bihar, holidays have been declared in schools of many districts of Himachal Pradesh due to the increasing heat and heat wave. This includes many districts including Solan, Kangra, Sirmaur, Una. Let us know for how long will schools remain closed in which district?

The constant rise in temperatures has made daily life very uncomfortable and has posed serious health risks especially for young children. Heat-related illnesses, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, are real dangers during such hot weather. Closing schools early is a step to protect students from these risks.

In Solan school will remain close till June 4. Deputy commissioner has issued notice on this. However teacher has to be present in schools. In kangra also government issued order to close schools. SDM Nahan also issued order to close the school due to heat. Holiday has been declared in Hamirpur till 4 June. In Haryana also government decided to close the school due to extreme heat. There is temperature 45 degree in Una, So government ordered closure for school.

With holidays starting earlier, schools and parents are adjusting to the new schedule.  Awareness campaigns about staying hydrated and recognizing heat related illnesses are also being promoted to keep everyone informed and safe.

Schools are expected to reopen in July, by which time the temperatures should be lower and safer. School officials will reassess the situation closer to the reopening date to ensure it’s safe for students to return. In the meantime schools are preparing for the next term focusing on improving their facilities to handle extreme weather better in the future.

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