A Star Wars fanservice extravaganza  

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Star Wars fans will appreciate this Ahsoka episode. Hera arrives at Seatos, joined by Jacen and Chopper, with a curious Huyang.

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Ahsoka confronts Anakin in live-action. Hayden Christensen's return is impressive, aging makeup subtle. Exciting for Clone Wars fans.

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Anakin and Ahsoka reunite, a duel ensues. Leia's cover-up hinted. Jacen's Force connection explored. Exciting episode with familiar moments.

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Ahsoka's Clone Wars memory with young Ahsoka, Anakin's attire, tragic dialogue hinting at her Jedi departure, and Rex's interaction in Siege of Mandalore.

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Filoni's episode blends past elements, Ahsoka chooses life, reborn as Ahsoka the White, facing New Republic forces, seeking Sabine with purrgil's help.

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Kevin Kiner's uplifting score shines in this episode's closing moments. Ahsoka's journey revisits her growth, with some humorous moments.

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Enjoyable Clone Wars flashbacks, fog obscured details. Episode 5: Ahsoka shines. Score: 7/10 - "Good." Worth it but not for everyone.

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