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IT Budgets

Senior executives are adjusting digital transformation plans for 2023. Tech investments shift, with AI and automation seen as crucial. Automation to increase significantly.

Gartner survey, Oct 2022 to Apr 2023, 200 leaders worldwide, diverse industries, sizes, highlights valuable insights.

Technique Automation Market Growth

David Akers of Gartner highlights the challenge and opportunity of using analytics and AI for strategic decision-making this year.

Corporate strategists advised going digital for competitiveness. Now, they consider using advanced analytics in their own workflows, but many still rely on basic analytics.

Only 20% of strategists use AI tools, but many are piloting or exploring machine learning (51%) and predictive analytics (45%).

Top challenge in tech implementation: defining clear use cases (52% of strategists agree). Many options, few precedents. Tech often works elsewhere.

For a strong business case, Gartner suggests aligning current performance with tech's strategic potential via key questions.

Outlook for Development

Technique Automation Purposes 

Generative AI's rapid growth prompts IT budget review. Expect IT projects replaced by language model-driven workflow automation using in-house data lakes - a crucial trend.

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