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iOS 17: Your iPhone will get a serious 

iOS 17 introduces standby mode, interactive widgets, and AI voice cloning. Sky News shares top insights on this update and how to get it.


Apple discontinues older iPhones yearly; iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus excluded but won't receive iOS 17. Time for newer models. Check your device in settings.

Verify your iPhone is appropriate

iOS 17 updates automatically, but impatient users can manually install via settings. Explore new features without delay.


Set up the replace

Apple's iOS 17 updates autocorrect, allowing the iPhone keyboard to adapt to your preferred language, no longer censoring intentional vulgarity.


‘Ducking’ autocorrect

iPhone near bed can act as a home hub. Activate to display widgets like clock, calendar, photos, weather, and media controls in landscape mode.


Standby mode

Apple recently introduced interactive widgets, following Android. They're like mini-apps on your home screen for quick access, e.g., reminders.


Interactive widgets

The phone app gets customizable contact cards for calls, voicemail transcriptions, and a check-in feature for messages, enhancing communication.


Calls and messages

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