Time to Substitute Your CEO with AI

Tech's water problem: Data centers need cooling, using substantial fresh water. Microsoft's AI ops increased water use by 30% in 2022. Concerns about water scarcity persist.

Source: analyticsinsight.net

AI, particularly AI servers, is highly energy-intensive due to GPUs, consuming 2-3 kW of power. Water usage can be reduced, but data transparency is a challenge.

Source: assets-global.website-files.com

Automating the C-Suite: Ed Zitron Interview

Ed Zitron, founder of a media agency, discusses replacing CEOs with AI, sparking controversy among executives. Interview edited for brevity.

Source: a57.foxnews.com

Executives with ChatGPT

Exploring the Case for Replacing 

The CEO role is often unclear, lacking specific tasks. Harvard study found CEOs' activities as vague. Raises questions about their true purpose.

How's Your Piece Been Received?

Twitter: Positive vibe. LinkedIn: 50-50 split, exec criticism triggers, automation vs. role clarity & accountability discussed.

Source: about.linkedin.com

Corporate Acceptance Odds for Your Proposals?

The author questions CEOs who don't work, expressing concern about their disconnection from the work.

Generative AI: A Tool for Management Control?

Generative AI appears intelligent but lacks real creativity or learning. It's like building with Legos without true innovation.

The Real Role of AI: Corporate Cost Savings

Execs and managers, distant from production, prioritize cost, output, and speed due to their lack of insight into the manufacturing process.

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