Top 8 Famous American Scientists 

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Marie Curie

Pioneer in radioactivity, two Nobel Prizes, public service advocate, and innovator in medical applications of radium and X-rays.


Elizabeth Blackwell

Blackwell faced rejection but persevered in medical school. She revolutionized anatomy and Franklin contributed to DNA research and digital photography.


Rachel Carson

Biologist and Silent Spring author, inspired EPA formation by exposing pesticide risks, despite industry opposition.


Maria Goeppert Mayer

Despite limited opportunities for girls, became a renowned physicist, made significant contributions in nuclear physics, and won a Nobel Prize in 1963.


Mathilde Krim

Multireligious biologist, AIDS advocate, space pioneer. Founded amfAR, advanced women in tech. Passed in 2019 at 84.


Jane Goodall

Observe wild animals. Her tenacity led to chimp discoveries, improved care, and eco initiatives. UN Messenger of Peace in 2022.


Mae C. Jemison

First African-American female astronaut, founded tech firm, leads 100 Year Starship project, multilingual, advocates for diversity in science.


Sally Ride

America's first woman in space, made history in 1983. Later, she pursued physics research and encouraged future scientists.


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